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Soorasamharam Tiruchendur 2023 Date Timings Darshan Pooja

Know the details about the Soorasamharam Tiruchendur 2023 Date Timings Darshan Pooja, Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam 2023 Date Timings

Tiruchendur temple is the abode of the Lord Murugan. Every year lakhs of pilgrims will be coming for the Darshan of Lord Murugan here. This Tiruchendur temple is one of the most important temples as it is part of the six temples of Lord Murugan. This is the reason many pilgrims will be coming to the Tiruchendur temple for the offerings in the temple. The temple will also be celebrating the festivals in the temple.

Soorasamharam Tiruchendur 2023 Date Timings Darshan Pooja

Soorasamharam Tiruchendur 2023 Date: 18 November 2023

Soorasamharam Tiruchendur Timings: From 06 PM

  • One of the most important pooja and also a festival in the temple is the Soorasamharam. The Soorasamharam is celebrated in the temple during the Kandi Sashti day. Of all the festivals which is celebrated in the temple, the Soorasamharam is the most important one.
  • The pilgrims can come to the temple on the Soorasamharam day and can have the Darshan of the Lord. The Darshan of the Lord Murugan will be available normally for the pilgrims. But for viewing the Soorasamharam the pilgrims has to wait till the evening.
  • In the evening, the Soorasamharam will be conducted in the Gallery. Then the pilgrims can go to the temple and watch the Soorasamharam performed in the temple.
  • The pilgrims need not to book for any online booking for the Soorasamharam. The pilgrims can watch the Soorasamharam directly. But to do the Darshan on this Soorasamharam day the pilgrims need to wait for more time.

The Soorasamharam is celebrated on the last of the Sashti festival which the pilgrims can observe. The pilgrims however cannot book for the Darshan as well. The Special Darshan will be available for the pilgrims, and the pilgrims can purchase the tickets near the temple ticket counter.

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