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Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption TTD Tirumala Details

Know the latest details about the Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption TTD Tirumala Details, TTD Donations Tax Exemption Details Procedure

Pilgrims who donates for the Srivani trust will be getting Tax Exemption of the donations. The TTD will be providing the details of the donations which are provided for the temple will be getting the facility. The pilgrims either before or after the donation ahs to refer the Tax Exemption details from the TTD. Once the pilgrims reaches the Tirumala temple they have to get the details of the Tax Exemption of the donation. The details are available Online as well.

Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption TTD Tirumala Details

All the donations provided to the Tirumala temple wthe ill be getting the deduction under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. For all the donations which the pilgrims provide for above the amount of Rs. 1000/- will be getting the Income Tax Deduction Certificate.

Once the pilgrims provide the donation online the TTD will be issuing the Income Tax Deduction Certificate. If the pilgrims donate the amount offline then the pilgrims need to get the Income Tax Deduction Certificate in offline mode from the below address

Sri Venkateswara Anna Prasadam Trust
T.T.D. Administrative Building, K.T.Road,
Tirupati – 517501(A.P.)
Phone No.0877-2264237/4375
email:[email protected]

Pilgrims can contact the email or else the Phone number to get the details about the Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption details. It is highly suggested for the pilgrims to get the certificate immediately after the donation some time, the donation will be done and if the pilgrims delay in getting the certificate then the procedure will be delayed of getting the certificate.

The TTD authorities are really helpful in getting the certificate of the tax deduction for the pilgrims. The best and easiest way to get the certificate is through online donation without any hassle. Please note, that no tax exemption details will be provided for the offering which is made to the Hundi in the temple

Click Here to for Details about the Srivani Trust Donation Tax Exemption



  1. Hi,
    We paid 20000.oo rs as donation to Srivani trust, is it tax exempted. If yes, does it fall under “Donations entitled for 100% deduction without qualifying limit ” please clarify.

  2. i have paid rs 30000/- donation (srivani) on 4/02/2023 know I want to claim under sec80 G for income tax filing

    details tr no 220102728

  3. I have made a donation of 80000 in online mode for SRIVANI Trust and I have all the Donation Receipts with me and when I called the 1800-toll free number for SRIVANI TRUST they are saying donations made to SRIVANI TRUST is not eligible for claiming tax. is it true? can someone verify this please?


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