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Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma Jatara 2022 Date Schedule

The Tirupati Jatara details below are about the latest developments in the Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma Jatara 2022 Date Schedule. The Tirupati Jatara which is a local festival is the most famous and important occasion in the city of Tirupati. This festival is a week-long festival celebrated every day with different types of celebrations. The final day will be celebrated with the Jatara festival inside the temple of the Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma.

This Jatara is attended by lakhs of pilgrims every year with pilgrims making they’re offering to the Goddess. The Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma is also said to be the most powerful god for the pilgrims and devotees. The devotees will be making week-long offerings before the Jatara day for the Goddess.

Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma Jatara 2022 Date Schedule

  • Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma Jatara Starts on May 10
  • Tataiahgunta Tirupati Gangamma Jatara Ends on May 17
Day Day Vesham
10 May Tuesday Chatimpu
11 May Wednesday Bairagi Vesham
12 May Thursday Banda Vesham
13 May Friday Thota Vesham
14 May Saturday Dhora Vesham
15 May Sunday Mathangi Vesham
16 May Monday Sunnapu Kundalu
17 May Tuesday Gangamma Jathara. Sapparam
  • The Jatara starts with the Chatimpu in which the dandora or the announcement throughout the town about the Jatara. It is said the people who are available during the Chatimpu for the Jatara have to make sure they visit the Gangamma on the final day of the Jatara.
  • The pilgrims will be visiting the temple of Gangamma on the final and also during the whole week of the Jatara and hence the pilgrims will be having the Darshan of the Lord.
  • The Gangamma Jatara is also said the major event in the timeline of the Tirupati City and the whole will be preparing for the Jatara in the town hence even the people who are outside the temple city will be coming to Tirupati for the occasion of the Jatara

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