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Telugu Gantala Panchangam 2021-22 PDF Free Download

Telugu Gantala Panchangam Ugadi 2021

As per the Telugu traditions the year from 2021-2022 starting from the Ugadi date is known as the Sri Plava Nama Samvatsaram. This year will start from the Ugadi of 2021 and ends on the Ugadi of 2022. This year of 2021, the Ugadi date is on Tuesday, 13 April. The Sri Plava Nama Samvatsaram will start from this day and hence the Panchangam of the Sri Plava Nama Samvatsaram will be valid from this date.

Gantala Panchangam is a very famous famous panchangam in the telugu states. Gantala Panchangam is available s most of the free platforms to download. One can buy the print version of the Gantala Panchangam from all the book stores which are available through out the states. The Gantala Panchangam is also known as the Nemana vari Gantala Panchangam.

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Gantala Panchangam Sri Plava Nama Samvatsaram  2021

Every year, Gantala Panchangam is released of that particular year before the Ugadi dates. For this year of Sri Plava Nama Samvatsaram Gantala Panchangam has already released the Panchangam which is available for purchase and also available for download. Please note we are not holding any copyrights for the files. We are sharing the third party providers from our site.

To Download the Nemanavari Gantala Panchangam Click Here




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