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Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam Panchami Theertham Date

Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam Panchami Theertham Date 2018

The Panchami Theetham is considered as the most auspicious day in the whole nine day long Brahmotsavams of Sri Padmavathi devi at Tiruchanur. This day is considered as the last day of the Annual Brahmotsavams and the festival is concluded with a Chakra Snanam and Panchami Theertham. On this day, lakhs of pilgrims visits the Padamavathi Temple in Tiruchanur and takes a holy dip in the tank of the temple which is called a Padma Sarovar. One cannot match the beauty of the Goddess on this day decorated with Golden Saree and adorned with Tulasi, Turmeric and Vermilion.

Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam Panchami Theertham Date 2018 Timings

This Year the Panchami Theetham falls on 12th December 2018, Wednesday. The Chakrasnanam usually starts early in the morning and the holy dip in the Padma Sarovar will be around 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Panchami Theetham Process Tiruchanur

On this day, a procession is sent from Tirumala from Srivaru to her Consort Lord Sri Padmavathi devi with Sarees, Prasadam and many more gifts led by elephants from the Ananda Nilayam. Once the procession reaches Tiruchanur, Lord Padmavathi is draped with Golden Sareee and the abhishekam will be conducted with many perfumes, sandals, turmeric, tulasi, vermilion etc. Lord Sri Padmavathi Devi will be in the form of “Maha Lakshmi” on this day.

Once the abhishekam is completed, the Chakra Snanam will be conducted in the Padama Sarovar which is the tank opposite to the temple. Once the Chakra Snanam is completed thousands of devotees takes holy dip in the Padma Sarovar which briings an auspicious days and fortune who takes bath in the tank. With this Panchami Theertham the Annual Tiruchanur Brahmotsavams is concluded.



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