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Tiruchanur Padmavathi Brahmotsavams Dates Timings Vahaham

Tiruchanur Padmavathi Brahmotsavams 2018 Dates Timings Vahaham

TTD conducts aAnnual Brahmotsavams in Tiruchanur which is very famous and drags thousands of pilgrims every year. The Bramhmotsavam are celebrated with an amazing grandeur and decorations.  Every year, the brahmotsavams are carried out in the Karthika Masam which mostly falls in the month of November and December. Pilgrims who are planning to attend Brahmotsavams has to plan their trip very well as Tiruchanur has very less facilities in terms of Accommodation and Food when compared to Tirumala. Crowd will be in peaks in the special Days like Panchami Therrtham.

Tiruchanur Padmavathi Brahmotsavams Dates 2018


  • Morning: Dwajarohanam (Flag Hosting)
  • Evening: Chinna Sesha Vahanam

5-Dec-2018 Wednesday

  • Morning: Pedha Sesha Vahanam
  • Evening: Hamsa Vahanam

6-Dec-2018 Thursday

  • Morning: Muthupandal Vahanam
  • Evening: Simha Vahanam

7-Dec-2018 Friday

  • Morning: Kalpa Vriksha Vahanam
  • Evening: Hanuman Vahanam

8-Dec-2018 Saturday

  • Morning: Pallaku Utsavam
  • Evening: Gaja Vahanam

9-Dec-2018 Sunday

  • Morning: Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam
  • Evening: Golden Chariot, Garuda Vahanam

10-Dec-2018 Monday

  • Morning: Suriya Praba Vahanam
  • Evening: Chandra Prabha Vahanam

11-Dec-2018 Tuesday

  • Morning: Rathotsavam (Car Festival)
  • Evening: Ashwa Vahanam

12-Dec-2018 Wednesday

  • Morning: Chakra SnanamPanchami Teertham;
  • Evening: Dwaja Avarohanam

13-Dec-2018 Thursday: Pushpayagam

Accommodation in Tiruchanur during Brahmotsavams:

Accommodations are very tough to get during Brahmotsavams. It is suggested book hotels near temple as early as possible. Or else once can book accomodation in Tirupati and can travel to Tiruchanur to attend the Bramhmotsavam festival.



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