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Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets Booking Process

Tirumala TTD Time Slotted Sarva Darshan (Free) Tickets Booking Process

TTD always strives to provide better facilities and Darshan feasibility to all the pilgrims. For the pilgrims who are visiting Tirumala have to take three types Darshan. They are Free Darshan (Sarva Darshan), Rs. 300 Darshan (Special Darshan), Foot path pilgrims Darshan (Divya Darshan). Apart from Special Darshan, for remaining two types of Darshan pilgrims have to come personally to Tirumala to get the tickets. Especially for the Free Darshan, TTD has allotted more time as majority of the pilgrims take up only Free Darshan.

To benefit all the pilgrims to get the Free Darshan, TTD has introduced a new system called “Slotted free Darshan” which going great right now.

Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan (Free)

What is this Darshan:

Pilgrim can get the Free Darshan ticket from counter and instead of waiting in compartments, they can go out and can come back and avail darshan at particular allotted time.

For Free Darshan, previous pilgrims has to take the Free Darshan ticket at the SSD Counters and have to enter the waiting compartment and has to wait for long hours to get their turn for the Darshan. This is will make pilgrims to wait unnecessarily and also they will be not able to visit other places in Tirumala if they are coming on strict schedule. To ease this process TTD has introduced this slotted free Darshan process.

This type of Darshan was previously  used in TTD but now it is used with more effective technology. Once a pilgrim comes to Tirumla, he can reach any Sarva Darshan (SSD) Ticket counters wiith a valid Id like Aadhar card and can enroll themselves. Once they enroll, they will allotted a specific reporting time for Darshan to the vaikuntam complex based on the current crowd. Now, the pilgrims can visit other places and can return to the Vaikuntam in the reporting time and can avail the Free Darshan. For people below 18 years tickets will be issued using the IRIS technology.

Points to note for Tirumala TTD Slotted Sarva Darshan (Free):

  • Pilgrims has to report personally to get the tickets as they are bio-metric based
  • All pilgrims has to report to Vaikuntan Que Complex entrance II
  • Luggage can deposited at the entry point and can be collected at the PAC IV
  • Online booking is not available for this Darshan right now as they are allotted using bio-metric and also based on current live crowd.
  • This Darshan might not be available during peak time and heavy crowd

Time Slot free Darshan Counters Locations

  1. Srinivasam Pilgrim Center, Tirupati: No. of. Counters : 5
  2. Bhudevi Complex, Tirupati: Number of Counters: 10
  3. Vishnuvasam Pilgrim Center, Tirupati: No. of. Counters : 22
  4. Behind II and III Choultries in Tirupati Railway Station: No. of. Counters : 6
  5. RTC Bustand, Tirpati: No. of. Counters : 12
  6. Srivari Mettu Final steps (near MBC 34 Cottages): No. of. Counters : 3
  7. Alipiri FootPath: No. of. Counters : 12
  8. CRO office, Tirumala (Vijaya Bank Counter): No. of. Counters : 10
  9. Tirumala RTC Bustand: No. of. Counters : 8
  10. Kousthubam Guest House, Tirumala: No. of. Counters : 8
  11. Nandakam Guest House: No. of. Counters : 4.

Slotted Sarva Darshan Tickets has been introduced to reduce the waiting time of more pilgrims in the compartments and also to enable pilgrims avail the Darshan in much more ease manner.




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