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Tirumala 2018 Vaikunta Ekadashi Darshan Guide

Vaikunta (Mukkoti) Ekadashi Date 2018: December 18, 2018, Friday

Vaikunta (Mukkoti) Ekadashi in Tirumala

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple also has a similar concept of a Special entrance. Tirumala has a special entrance called Vaikuntha Dwaram that encircles the sanctum sanctorum. The dwaram (passage) is opened only on Vaikuntha Ekadashi and it is believed that any person who passes through this `Vaikuntha Dwaram’ on this particular day attains salvation. The temple witnesses heavy inflow of pilgrims and dignitaries for Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

The temple and especially, the vaikunta Dwaram is decorated with amazing and exotic flowers on this day.

How to Reach Tirumala on Vaikunta Ekadashi?

Tirumala witness heavy flow of crowd on this day. Its highly suggested reach Tirumala before day itself. You can reach tirumala by three modes. Special buses has been arranged especially for this day.

  1. Bus from Tirupati Bus stand to Tirumala
  2. Walk from Alipiri (Tirupati) to Tirumala
  3.  Walk from Srivari Mettu to Tirumala

Please be noted Buses on this day will be full with crowd as the day is followed by New Year as well.

What to bring to Tirumala?

1. Blankets( Nights are very chilled in TTD Garden)
2. Necessary Medicines.

Darshan on Vaikunta Ekadashi in Tirumala

Pilgrims will be allowed to the the Vaikuntam Que complex (VQC-2) from through MBC Gate 26 from 10 AM on 17 December 2018. Once the Complexes VQC 1 and 2 gets filled, pilgrims will be allowed to wait in the following place where sheds have been arranged and will be filled one by one in order from Narayanagiri Gardens, Sheds up to four Mada streets.

December 18 2018: 05.30 AM – December 19, 2018: 12.00 AM – Sarva Darshan

VIP Darshan time will be allotted less than 2 hours

All the Seva tickets on this day is cancelled. No Online Bookings are permitted on this day.  Privileged darshan formats are stopped during this period.  All kinds of privileged darshan formats like those extended to senior and special citizens, parents with infants and the ‘divya darshan’ tokens issued to those reaching the town on foot during the five-day period are suspended

When all the compartments are full, special queues will be allowed at Alwar Tank, Narayanagiri Gardens, VQC 2, Karnataka Chowltries 2, Medaramitta, near North Mada Street and up to Ring Road near Bata Gangammagudi.

Accomodation in Tirumala on Vaikunta Ekadashi:

Online accommodation booking is full for this day. No donor quota accomodation will be provided. If you plan to find an accommodation after you reach Tirumala, it will be impossible. If you could reach Tirumala, before day, you might find some accommodation in CRO office or else no special arrangements has been made for pilgrims in terms of accommodation. Only places you will be having for rest is TTD Gardens and using Public Toilets. Please dont believe in middle men on this regard.

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • If you prefer to take children along with you, please do be prepared for heavy crowd, which is not suggestible.
  • Waiting in the Q-Complexes might even go up to 20-30 hours for darshan be prepared with medicines and required things.
  • Don’t get in to traps of middle men for darshan and accomodation
  • Dont panic due to long waiting hours during darshan and proceed patiently.
  • If you think to rest TTD parks please take a note of Blankets and required medicines
  • Cold winds in Tirumala in Winter is too high. Please be prepared for that.

For location of Darshan Points, Parks & Public Toilets, Install this app. Click to Intall



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