Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking February 2022

Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking February 2022 as below provides the information about the room booking in Tirumala. Thousands of pilgrims will be visiting the Tirumala temple during the month of Febrary. However, unlike the previous days, TTD now has released the quota for Darshan before itself and hence has reduced the crowd drastically in Tirumala. The Pilgrims who want to visit the Tirumala for the Darshan of Balaji has to book for the Darshan online now.

The Darshan quota will be released before the month of any month. A limited number of tickets are provided for each day. So pilgrims who are travelling to Tirumala for Darshan also will be limited. So, the accommodation for the pilgrims also will be released similarly on the before month itself. Each day will be having a limited quota of accommodation and pilgrims has to book the rooms accordinly.

Tirumala Accommodation Online Room Booking February 2022

For the month of February 2022, the TTD will be releasing the Darshan quota in the last week of January 2022. First, the Darshan quota will be released for the Rs. 300 Darshan and Sarva Darshan and the next day will be the day of accommodation release. Once the quota for the accommodation is released pilgrims can book the accommodation online.

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  • Pilgrims can book accommodation once the quota is released. Pilgrims can follow the TTD official website for the date of release of the quota.
  • Pilgrims need to book for the room including the cost of the caution deposit.
  • In case the pilgrims are unable to avail of the accommodation as booked online, the accommodation can be cancelled as per the cancellation rules of the TTD. Please read the cancellation policies before booking for the Rooms online
  • All types of rooms are available online to book including AC and Non AC. Both the Rest Houses in Tirumala and Tirupati will be available for booking online.

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