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Tirumala Bike Ride Parking Guide

Tirumala Bike Ride Parking Guide

Pilgrims are allowed to travel to Tirumala through driving their bikes. The drive to Tirumala is a very scenic journey and a must do experience in Tirumala. But one has to very careful, as the Ghat will be seeing huge traffic always. The bikers are also not allowed to drive in the Ghat roads if they dont follow some rules and regulations which TTD has laid out. These rules for bikers ensure, no accidents or misshapen happening in the Ghat Road.

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Tirumala Bike Ride Rules & Regulations

To reach Tirumala through bikes or two wheelers has to follow the below rules and regulations as the bikes and the related documents will be checked at the Toll gate near Alipiri

  • Bike riders should mandatory have a valid driving license. Learning Licenses are not allowed
  • Bikes which bikers use to travel to Tirumala, should definitely have all valid and relevant documents including Registration Certificate, Insurance Papers, Pollution certificate etc.
  • Both the bike rider and the pillion rider should definitely wear full helmets which are ISI marked. No half helmets are allowed.
  • The bikers should follow the time limit for travelling to Tirumala and also while coming back which is setup by TTD at any cost.
  • Bike riders are not allowed to travel more than two people per bike.
  • No fun rides are allowed to Tirumala. Only pilgrims travelling for pilgrimage purpose will be allowed.

All the above rules are strictly followed and there will be a strict check near the Alipiri toll gate

Tirumala Bike / Two Wheeler Parking

For all the pilgrims who are travelling to Tirumala by bikes there are some parking areas provided to park their bikes.  The bikes has to be parked in these parking areas. parking bikes in no parking areas leads to either tow away or else will be heavily fined. The parking areas for bikes as of now are

  • Near Rambageecha Guest House
  • Near Balaji Bus stand
  • Opposite to Vengamamba Annadanam Satram
  • And some more

For Google Map links of Bike Parking areas Click Here




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