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Tirumala Tirupati Car Vehicles Parking Areas for Darshan

Tirumala Car Vehicles Parking Areas for Darshan

If you are travelling to Tirumala by own vehicles or any rented vehicles and wanted to park your car somewhere safe, then there are lot of options in Tirumala. First of all, if you want to park vehicles before you go to Darshan , you have to be sure where you want to park your vehicles. There are two options to park your vehicles when travelling to Tirumala.

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The first is parking your vehicles in Tirupati and going to Tirumala by walk or by other public transport. In this case you will need to look for parking areas in Tirupati and has to leave to Tirumala for Darshan. The Second option is reaching Tirumala in your vehicle and parking your vehicle in Tirumala and leave for Darshan.

Generally, parking both in Tirupati and Tirumala are very tough to get. As Tirumala will be overseeing crowd throughout the year, it is very tough to get parking both in Tirumala and Tirumala. But you have to very careful, as there will be huge fines and some time the vehicles will be towed if you dont park your vehicles in the parking areas.

Tirupati Vehicles Parking Area

For the first option, the best place to Park vehicles is near the Alipiri and Balaji Link Bus Stand. The Parking here is open for 4 hours and devotees can park their vehicles here for Parking. But this Parking is paid.

  • For LMV (Car, Temp, Jeep, Vans etc) the Parking fee is Rs. 20 for 24 hours.
  • For Bus the parking fee is Rs. 50 for 24 hours.

The Location of the parking area is just besiide the Garuda statue near Alipiri. For Google Map link of the location Click Here

Tirumala Vehicles Parking

Tirumala has number of Parking Places some which are free and there are paid also. The locations of parking are distributed through out Tirumala.

For Complete List of Parking Areas in Tirumala including Map links click here

Some of the better parking locations in Tirumala are ATC Car Parking, Sapthagiri Choultries Parking, Rambageecha Car Parking and many more as in above map. Its highly suggested to follow the above map link to find parking.



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