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Tirumala Divya Darshan Guide (By Walk)

Tirumala Divya Darshan: Darshan for Pilgrims going by Walk

What is Divya Darshan:

For all the pilgrims, who travel to Tirumala by trek or walk through Alipiri and Sri Vari Mettu, TTD will be providing tokens for Darshan immediately as soon as the pilgrims reach to Tirumala. This Darshan enables pilgrims, who travel to Tirumala without Booking any tickets or accommodation to have Darshan immediately with out any issues. The benefits of Divya Darshan are a pilgrim need not to wait in que for more long time and then token will be allotted to pilgrim for the next available free time and the pilgrim can report at the time provided to him. Also, the waiting time of pilgrims who takes up the Divya Darshan is also very less, compared to Sarva Darshan.

Cost of Divya Darshan: Free

Divya Darshan Ticket Counter Points:

Near Gali Gopuram for pilgrims climbing through Alipiiri

On the way for people who climb through Srivari Mettu

Divya Darshan Ticket Counters Timings:

Alipiri: 24 Hours

Srivari Mettu: From 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

Points to note for Divya Darshan:

  • The Divya Darshan token is valid till the Darshan time allotted
  • This Darshan is only for pilgrims who climb to Tirumala through walk
  • The tickets are issued through Bio Metric Process and are Non Transferable.
  • TTD can cancel the tickets during festival seasons and also during seasons on huge rush.
  • Accomodation will not be provided for this type of Darshan. If any pilgrims plan to stay in Tirumala, they have to book appointment separately.
  • Pilgrims cannot choose the timings of Darshan. The Darshan timings are allotted through automated system.






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