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Tirumala Free Darshan Waiting Time Today Tomorrow Crowd TTD

Know the details about the Tirumala Free Darshan Waiting Time Today Tomorrow Crowd TTD, Tirumala Sarva Darshan Waiting Time Compartments Status

Most of the pilgrims who come to Th Tirumala temple will be coming by the Free Darshan only. The Free Darshan is also called the Sarva Darshan. The pilgrims will be facing issues by not knowing the waiting time for the Tirumala Free Darshan. The TTD makes necessary updates and arrangements for the pilgrims to make sure the pilgrims get the Darshan.

Tirumala Free Darshan Waiting Time Today Tomorrow Crowd TTD

  • Today Date: ’May
  • Current Waiting Time for the Free Darshan: 18 -28 hours
  • Current Compartments Full: 12
  • Slotted Free Darshan Availability: Yes
  • Free Darshan Current Status: Open Today and Tomorrow

The pilgrims who wanted to get the Free Darshan or the Sarva can get the Darshan in two ways. The first way of getting the Darshan is through normal free Darshan

  • In the normal free darshan, if the pilgrims go to the temple ticket counter today, they will take aadhaar card details and the ticket will be provided.
  • The pilgrims then get into the compartments and will be waiting. The Darshan time will be given the next day. This means if the pilgrims will take the Darshan ticket today, then they will be provided with the timings tomorrow. The pilgrims will not be having any estimated time for the Darshan
  • There is one more type of Free Darshan for the pilgrims, which is also called the Slotted Free Darshan. In the slotted Free Darshan the pilgrims will take the Darshan tickets at the Tirupati counters itself. The pilgrims when they take the slotted free darshan will be provided a particular time for the Darshan. The pilgrims can enter the temple at the timings of the Darshan. But the slotted free darshan tickets per day are limited. When the slotted Free Darshan tickets are over, the pilgrims can take the Normal free darshan.

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