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Tirumala Guideline Map

Tirumala Guideline Map

Tirumala, might be pretty difficult to explore with out Guidance Map. For visiting major areas, you can follow any of the following maps. But to follow up to date locations and areas, install the Mobile app.

Click to Install Must Have Tirumala Guideline Map Mobile App

This app helps you to find the locations of Tirumala easily. This is must have app when you visit Tirumala. Because, first of all Tirumala is well organized destination. But you need to know the reporting points, Darshan counters, accommodation counters, prasadam counters, hospitals and official buildings in Tirumala. This app helps you to locate these places very easily with all the required details.

Also, Tirumala map is very much required for the pilgrims because the locations are pretty confusing in Tirumala and this app will help you to navigate through the city pretty easily. Also note that the Official has also employed information centers throughout Tirumala which will help the pilgrims with all the required information.


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