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Tirumala Hanuman Jayanthi Japali Temple Darshan Booking TTD

Know the details about the Tirumala Hanuman Jayanthi 2023 Japali Temple Darshan Booking, TTD Tirumala Hanuman Pooja Timings Online Booking Darshan

Hanuman Jayanthi Festival in Tirumala is celebrated every year in a grand way. The Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated mostly in the month of May. Many pilgrims will be coming for the Darshan of the Lord every year in Tirumala. The Hanuman Jayanthi is especially celebrated in the Japali Temple which is located near the Tirumala. The pilgrims can come to the temple and can have the Darshan easily. The Tirumala temple also will be sometimes does the Hanuman Jayanthi for multiple days due to the heavy crowd in the temple.

The pilgrims can go to the temple Tirumala and can participate in the Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations in two places. The Hanuman temple in Tirumala is located as the Bedi Anjaneya Swamy in Tirumala and the Japali temple. Both the temples are maintained by the TTD and the pilgrims can participate in the pooja in these temples.

Tirumala Hanuman Jayanthi Japali Temple Darshan Booking TTD

  • The pilgrims need not book for the Hanuman Jayanthi Darshan or the pooja in advance. The pilgrims can directly go to the temple Tirumala and can have the Darshan in Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple and the Japali temple.
  • The Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple in Tirumala in located near the Asthana mandapam which is available just before the main temple. The temple is located opposite the Akilandam in the Tirumala temple.
  • The Japali temple is located near the Japali Theertham which is located 5 kilometres from Tirumala. The pilgrims who wanted to visit the Japali temple during the Hanuman Jayanthi need to take the bus to Papainasanam in Tirumala and then reach the temple. The pilgrims need to trek for 2-3 kilometres to reach the Japali temple.
  • However, to have the Darshan in the Tirumala main temple during the Hanuman Jayanthi festival, the pilgrims need to book for the tickets like they normally book for Darshan.

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