Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Online Access Easy

Know the details about the Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Online Access Easy, Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja Vidhi Easy Procedure at Home

Hanuman Jayanthi is one of the major festivals in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Every year many pilgrims are celebrating the Hanuman Jayanthi. The pilgrims can celebrate the Hanuman Jayanthi in two ways. Some pilgrims go to the temple and will be attending the pooja at the temple. Some pilgrims will be doing the pooja at home itself. Hanuman Jayanthi festival marks the birth of the Lord Hanuman and hence the name. The pilgrims who come to the temple will be celebrating the pooja as per the temple norms.

For the pilgrims who want to celebrate the pooja at home for the Hanuman Jayanthi can follow the below procedure. There are some pilgrims who wear the Hanuman Deeksha and will be offering to the Lord. However, if the pilgrims wanted to offer the Deeksha they can do the same at any temple only.

Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu Online Access Easy

  • Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja will be done by the pilgrims mostly in the mornings only. Click Here for the Pooja Vidhanam of the Hanuman Jayanthi Online Access in Telugu
  • The pilgrims who wanted to do the Hanuman Jayanthi pooja at home has to wake up early in the morning and then do the bath. The pilgrims need to take a bath and then clean the house and also the pooja mandir of the pooja place.
  • Then the pooja mandir or the place should have Lord Hanuman Idol or the Hanuman Photo. Then the pilgrims can start decorating. Once the decoration is over the pilgrims need to do the Hanuman Chalisa Parayanam
  • Some pilgrims will be doing the Hanuman Jayanthi for 1 time, 3 times, 11 times or 108 times based on the pilgrim’s preference.
  • Once the Hanuman Chalisa parayanam is done, the pilgrims can offer the prasadam to the Lord

Hanuman Jayanthi Prasadam List

  • The pilgrims who wanted to offer the Hanuman Jayanthi prasadam can offer anything from coconut to vada and other items. The pilgrims can make a garland with beetle leaves which is very favourite to Lord Hanuman and can offer the same to the Lord.
  • The pilgrims then can cook the Vada or else any type of the rice and offer to the Lord. The items like Pulihora, Payasam, Fruits Panchamrutham are very important for the Lord
  • The pilgrims can offer this based on the availability. Once the Prasadam is offered to the Lord after the Hnauman Jayanthi pooja then the pilgrims can offer the Harathi to the Lord. With this the Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja will be completed.

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