Tirumala Jyeshtabhishekam Schedule Timings Darshan Booking

Know the details about the Tirumala Jyeshtabhishekam Schedule Timings Darshan Booking, TTD Jyeshtabhishekam Pooja Days, Dates Booking Process

Tirumala temple is well known for the festivals which are conducted in the temple. Every year many festivals will be conducted by the Temple authority in Tirumala. The Tirumala temple will be doing daily festivals, monthly festivals and annual festivals. Most of theses festivals are now conducted internally with the participation of the handful of pilgrims only. This is because of the high demand from the pilgrims for participation in the festivals in the temple. The TTD has decided to perform many festivals in private and the pilgrims who come to the Tirumala temple for the Darshan will be able to see only some of them.

The Jyeshtabhishekam is also one such festival which is conducted in the Tirumala temple. The Jyeshtabhishekam is a complete three-day festival which is conducted for the Uthsava idols of the Lord Balaji. Common pilgrims cannot participate in the Jyeshtabhishekam as the tickets are not released for booking for this festival. The Jyeshtabhishekam is performed internally.

Tirumala Jyeshtabhishekam Schedule Timings Darshan Booking

  • The Jyeshtabhishekam festival is a 3 days celebration in the Tirumala temple. The first three days will be the pooja and also many stotras which is performed by the Lord Malayappa Swamy.
  • The pilgrims who are coming for the normal darshan and visit of the Tirumala temple cannot participate in the Jyeshtabhishekam of the Tirumala temple. The pilgrims can only see the happenings from the queue lines as the festival will be performed inside the mandapam of the temple.
  • The Darshan and other seva timings and schedules will not be affected by the Jyeshtabhishekam. The pilgrims will be normally allowed for the Darshan in the temple.
  • On the last day of the Jyeshtabhishekam, once all the rituals are completed, the Lord Malayappa Swamy will be taken as an procession in the four Mada streets in Tirumala. The pilgrims can see the Lord in this timings.

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