Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking TTD Kalyanotsavam

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking TTD Kalyanotsavam, Online Book, Availability Chart, and Offline Booking.

The Tirumala temple is known for its seva which is conducted daily. The seva is considered as the ritual conducted for the Lord Venkteara in the temple. Every many sevas will be done for the Lord Sri Venkateswara. The pilgrims are also allowed to view and participate in the seva after the booking. For each day, the TTD will be releasing some tickets for the pilgrims to attend and participate in the Seva. The pilgrims will be allowed for the Darshan after finishing the seva

Below are the details about the TTD Kalyanam seva which is being done for the Lord every day. The pilgrims can attend the Kalyanotsavam and then they can go for the Darshan.

Tirumala Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking TTD Kalyanotsavam

  • The Kalyanam Seva in Tirumala is done every day at fixed timings. The tickets for the Kalyanam will be released before 3 months of any date. The pilgrims will be able to get the Kalyanam tickets online within 3 months.
  • The tickets will be released mostly in the third week or fourth week of every month. The ticket will be released for the dates after 3 months
  • The pilgrims can book the tickets online and then go for the Darshna
  • Before going for the Darshan the pilgrims can go to the temple and then participate in the Kalyanam Seva
  • The couples will be allowed for the Darshan mostly. After the Kalyanam seva, the pilgrims will be provided with the prasadam and also the vastram of the seva
  • The Kalyanam seva is one of most seva which is in demand and tickets will be booked separately by the pilgrims
  • There is a special quota and different modes of booking for the pilgrims who are married newly and will be visiting the temple for Darshan

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