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Tirumala Kulasekhara Padi

Tirumala Temple Kulasekhara Padi History Significance

Tirumala temple has a huge architecture which has history in each and every step. The temple has many spiritual and historical elements each once has their own significance and story. Kulasekhara padi is one of the most important such element in Tirumala temple.

Kulasekhara Padi is a step which is in between the Inner Sanctum (Garbha Gudi) and the last threshold point which a pilgrgim can reach.┬áPilgrims are not allowed to enter the Garbha Gruha (beyond Kulasekhara padi (path)). The term padi means “Step” in Tamil and the step is named after the great Vaishnavite saint called Kulasekhara, who wished to be reborn as the Step near Lord Venkateswara.

The rituals which cannot be performed in Inner Sanctum will be performed here. The padi is located in between the Inner Sanctum and Sayana Mandapam. Some sevas enable pilgrims to reach till the Kulasekhara padi.

Tirumala Kulasekhara Padi Sevas

The below sevas enables pilgrims to reach till Kulasekhara Padi.

  • Thomala Seva
  • Suprabatham
  • Archana
  • Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu
  • Nijapada Darshanam
  • VIP Break Darshan



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