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Tirumala Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Darshan Guide

Tirumala Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva is a popular seva among pilgrims who want have a quick seva and followed by Darshan. The Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva is also termed as Mini Brahmotsavam among the pilgrims. As per the name suggests the seva is a small version of the Regular Brahmotsavam and is a must have seva in Tirumala.

Tirumala Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Timings

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva is a daily seva conducted in Tirumala immediately after the Kalyanotsavam. The Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva can get cancelled during special occasions and peak times. Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva timings daily are from 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM. The reporting time is 12.30 PM

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Reporting Place

The Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva reporting time is 12.30 PM and all the pilgrims who has booked for Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva has to report at the Supadham.

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Procedure

  • The Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva is conducted in the Vaibhavothsava Mandapam where all the Vahanams of the Lord are kept throughout the year.
  • In the seva, Sri Malayappa Swami is seated on Garuda Vahanam, Hanumanta Vahanam and Peddasesha Vahanam in that order and offered worship. This seva is conducted after the Dolotsavam is completed.
  • Once the Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva is completed the pilgrims who has attended the seva will be permitted for the Darshan through Supadam.

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Prasadam

For all the pilgrims who attends the Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva will get two small laddus as prasadam. If they require extra laddu they can purchase online or at the counter.

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva Tickets Online Booking

Arjita Brahmotsavam Seva tickets can be booked online through TTD Online Website or can be purcahsed at the CRO office upon arrival based on availability.




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