Tirumala Namala Gavi Location Route Timings Story Visitng Guide

Know the details about the Tirumala Namala Gavi Location Route Timings Story Visitng Guide, Tirumala Temple Namala Gavin Visiting Location Details

Tirumala hills are the bosom of wonders. Every year pilgrims will be coming to the temple not only for the Darshan of the Lord but also for the wonders which is lcoated in the Tirumala hills. The Tirumala hills themselves are considered as one of the most important spiritual place and also one of the important pilgrimage site. The pilgrims can see a lot of natural and spiritual wonders in the Tirumala hills. The Seshachalam hills accommodates the Tirumala temple and also other spiritual places in Tirumala. Most of the locations and also places in Tirumala is lcoated in the interior forest. The pilgrims can reach these locations only by trekking and also with hikings.

Tirumala Namala Gavi Location Route Timings Story Visitng Guide

Namala GaviĀ  in Tirumala is one of the important location for the pilgrims. The Namala Gavi is a cave where the pilgrims can find the Namalu of the Lord Balaji. There is no specific history for the Namala Gavi in Tirumala. This is one of the spiritual place for the pilgrims where they can find the Namalu and also find the cave where the Lord Venkateswara is said to be resided. But nothing more than this is available for the cave.

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  • The Namala Gavi is located in the up route of the Tirumala hills. Normal pilgrims are not allowed to visit the Namala Gavi without the firest department permission. Also, it is very dangerous trek for the normal pilgrims to reach the Namala Gavi
  • The timings of the Namala Gavi will be in the day timings of the temple visit. The pilgrims need to trek and hike for around 5 kilometers from the main ghat road.
  • Then the pilgrims can find the route of the Namala Gavi near the ending of the hill. However, there are other trekking people who can help to the pilgrims to visit the Namala Gavi.

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