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Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Booking Online Waiting Timings

Know the latest news about the Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Booking Online Waiting Timings, TTD New Year Special Darshan, Rs 300 Booking

New Year is one of the most crowded festivals in Tirumala. Every year, New Year’s day i.e January 1st will be crowded in the Tirumala temple. The expected crowd on this day will huge due to the Vakunta Ekadasi festival before or after New year’s day every year. So this is the reason, the pilgrims will be thronging to the Tirumala temple. The pilgrims should be well prepared for the Tirumala New Year’s day Darshan. Unfortunately, there is no stipulated standard system for the pilgrims who come to Tirumala on this day.

Every year, the TTD will be experimenting with new ways for the Darshan of the pilgrims. This experimentation is to make sure, the pilgrims get the Darshan without any hassle. Even then the pilgrims will be facing a lot of issues on New Year’s day every year. This is because of the pilgrims coming to the temple in lakhs on these days. Below are details about the Tirumala Darshan on New Year’s day.

Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Booking Online Waiting Timings

  • The TTD authorities of the Tirumala temple will be cancelling all the Seva on New Year’s Day. The seva of the pilgrims and also the related Darshan will not be available on these days. The pilgrims cannot book for the Seva online during New year’s day.
  • Also, the Special Darshan will be available for the pilgrims who book the Rs 300 Darshan before itself online only. The Special Waiting time also will be more on this day
  • The Special Darshan can be booked online and offline special darshan will not be available for the pilgrims to book at the Tirumala temple
  • The Free Darshan waiting time on New Year’s day will be more than 24 hours. The pilgrims should be prepared for the same
  • The Special Privileged Darshan will be Closed for the Senior citizens, PH, NRI and VIPs

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