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Tirumala Nijapada Darshanam Seva Guide

Tirumala Nijapada Darshanam Seva

Nijapada Darshanam is a unique Darshan in Tirupati. For every Nijapada Darshanam Seva only 1000 devotees will be allowed each time. The Seva is very famous and has a huge competition and crowd to get the tickets. The Nijapada Darshanam Seva is the most sought seva among the pilgrims.

How will be Nijapada Darshanam Seva

Nijapada Darshanam Seva is available only on Fridays. To be very simple to understand, Nijapada Darshan is viewing Lord Sri Venkateswara without any ornaments or decoration. Generally, the whole idol is covered with Garlands, Decorations and Ornaments. But only on this day, Lord Sri Venkateswara Darshan will available with only  white loin cloth around the idol and the whole idol can be seen.

Also, generally, the feet of Lord will be covered with ornaments but on this day his original feet can be seen by devotees. And hence it is called as “Nijapada Darshanam Seva”. This is a paid service where the devotees are allowed until Kulasekhara padi.

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Timings

Archana anantara darshan on Friday is called Nijapada Darshanam. This Darshan is available immediately after the Archana and only on Friday every week. The timings of Nijapada Darshanam is 05:00 AM to 06:30 AM.

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Ticket Price

The Tickets price of Niijapada Darshanam is Rs. 200 per person. And only two people are allowed for this Darshan per booking. The pilgrims are allowed though the Vaikuntam Q Complex 1

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Reporting Point Time

The pilgrims who has booked for the Nijapada Darshanam Seva has to report 30 minutes before the time of reporting and should report at the Vaikuntam Q Complex 1

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Tickets Online Booking

For every Friday, TTD release 1000 tickets for pilgrims who wanted to participate this the Nijapada Seva. And out of these 1000 tickets 300 tickets are available online at the TTD Online Website. The tickets are released online on the website before 90 days and pilgrims can book the tickets online.

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Spot Current Booking Timings

The 700 tickets which are remaining for the Nijapada Darshanam Seva can be purchased from the CRO office on every Thursday from 11 AM in the Morning. However, there will be huge crowd for this and pilgrims who comes first will be able to purchase the ticket.

Nijapada Darshanam Seva Prasadam

For every pilgrim who participate in the Nijapada Darshanam Seva will be provided two small laddus as a prasadam.




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