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Tirumala Poolangi Seva

Tirumala Poolangi Seva History

Poolangi Seva in Tirumala is a seva which is performed in ekantam. In the sense, this Poolangi Seva is done only by priests without any pilgrims present. The poolangi seva is in place from 8th Century and also one of the oldest seva to be performed for Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala

Poolangi Seva Timings

The Poolangi Seva in Tirumala is performed only on Thursdays and the seva is performed after the Tiruppavada seva. The seva will be mostly performed in the mornings and the pilgrims can see Lord with the same decoration on the evening of every Thursday after the Poolangi Seva is completed.

Poolangi Seva Procedure

After the Tiruppavada seva, all the ornaments will be removed from the Lord and only Dhoti will be left after the mid day pooja. In the evening after performing the Suddi or Sallimpu and the flowers will be taken inside the inner sanctum. After in the evening, Lord will be decorated with a Velvet cloth and will be decorated with all the flowers that are brought to decorate Lord.  Lord will be completely decorated with flowers from crowd to feet. This decoated completely with flowers is called as Poolangi Seva.

Poolangi Seva Booking

As of now, Poolangi Seva is only performed only in private. Pilgrims are not allowed to attend the seva. So, the bookings are not allowed through Online, Current or Lucky DIP, VIP Bookings.




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