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Tirumala Silathoranam Timings Routes History Visiting Details

Know the latest details about the Tirumala Silathoranam Timings Routes History Visiting Details, Tirumala Natural arch visiting distance, transport.

The Tirumala town and the temple are home to a lot of wonders. The hills are also a very huge treasure for natural wonders. One of them is the Tirumala Silathoranam. This is a natural arch formation in Tirumala. The Silathoranam has a lot of history well before the human settlements in this area. This is one of the natural wonders in India and one of the wonders in the world. This Silathoranam is a must-visit place for pilgrims who are interested in archaeology. The pilgrims who visit the Tirumala temple will be visiting the Silathoranam.

This natural arch looks like huge rocks which are connected by the small link of rock. There will be no support for the linking rock from above or below. This is formed due to the year of erosion and also due to the rock’s nature. This happens very rarely and is one of the wonders. The pilgrims can visit the Silathoranam and can hire a guide. The Silathoranam has a lot of importance in a spiritual manner also.

Tirumala Silathoranam Timings Routes History Visiting Details

The timings of the Silathoranam are from morning 6 AM – 6 PM daily.

The Silathoranam lies only about 2 kilometres from the main temple

  • There is an entry fee for the Silathoranam to visit by the pilgrims. The Silathoranam is maintained by the archaeological department of India.
  • The pilgrims can take the free bus and get down at the Museum. Then the pilgrims can go by walk to visit the Silathoranam. The pilgrims can also visit the Chakra Theertham from the Silathoranam. Both are within walkable distance only from the Tirumala museum.
  • There are free buses running along the route every 20 minutes. During the rainy Season, the Silathoranam and the chakra theertham both might be closed due to heavy rains

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