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All About Tirumala Suprabata Seva

tirumala suprabata seva

What is Tirumala Suprabata Seva?

The worship and pooja process in Tirumala temple is done strictly according to the Vaikhanasa Agama Sastra. The Tirumala temple is open wholes day execept a gap of an hour or two in the night between the Ekantha seva and the early morning Suprabhatham. And hence, Suprabhata Seva is the first and foremost pre-dawn ritual that is performed to Lord Venkateswara in a day in Tirumala Venkateswara temple. Suprabhatam is a Sanskrit word which means Good Morning. The ritual is performed in Sayana Mandapam inside sanctum sanctorum of the temple to wake up Lord Venkateswara from his celestial sleep by singing sacred Sanskrit hymns.
After suprabhatam, Melukolupu will be held during which sankeerthanas of Annamacharya are sung by his descendants at Bangaru vakili(golden entrance). The entire seva will last for 30 minutes

Timings of Tirumala Suprabata Seva

Suprabhata Seva: (3am -3.30am). The reporting time is 2.30 AM. Pilgrims starts gathering near the Vaikuntam I Q Compelx from 01.00 AM itself. And after checking tickets pilgrims will be allowed to attned the seva. It takes 10 minutes to reach the temple from Que Complex. And of course, there will no Que System here, but people who reach before will be standing near the dwaram.

Suprabata Seva Procedure:

The suprabata seva is conducted by singing the following hymns.
Suprabhatam (Waking the Lord): 29 slokas
Stotram (Hymns to praise the Lord): 11 slokas
Prapatti (Surrender to the Lord): 16 slokas
Mangalasanam (Prayer to Lord’s Glory): 14 slokas.

Performers: Tallapaka Annamacharya Family / Hathiramji Mutt / Jiyengar Mutt / Vedaparayana dars / Sannidhi Tirumaliga Archaka’s / Sanndhi Golla / Devotees.

After finishing the hymns, the archakas enter the temple and lamp will be lightened and utsava moorthy, for whom Ekanta seva has bee perfomed before day will be removed from bed. After performing shuddi, the curtain will be raised and devottes will have an amazing and mesmerizing view of his highness Lord Sri Venkateswara in his Viswaroopa darshanam. Devotees will be given theertha prasad after this.

Dress Code for Suprabata Seva in Tirumala

Dress code is strictly followed for this seva. For dress code visit this link.

Booking for Suprabata Seva in Tirumala

Usually, getting Suprabata Seva is very difficult. But is one plans to attend the seva they have book from TTD online Booking Website at One has to keep a track on tickets before 1-3 months itself.




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