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Where to Eat in Tirumala

As we dont have any cooking facilities in Tirumala, you need to definitely rely on food from outside. In terms of food you should be very careful, as many road side food outlets, hotels in tirumala, dont have proper hygenic environment and also cost will higher than normal. So, below will be top most options for food in Tirumala. One has to be very careful with food in Tirumala, as high altitude cause indigestion problem and also incase of any food infection and medical assistance it might spoil your trip

Option 1: Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Anna Prasadam Center

If you  are looking out to eat in Tirumala, there are multiple options. But your first preference should be visiting “Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Anna Prasadam Center”. This is a free Anna Dana Center, which usually piligrims feel its a prasadam of the main deity. This is huge complex, and one of the largest on the world, serving thousands of pilgrims daily. There is no waiting for food here. The building is having four dining halls in two floors. Each dining hall is accommodates1,000 persons at a time in new Annaprasadam building. In addition to full meals daily about 4,000 Nos. of Rotis are also prepared.

The Annaprasadam complex is completely modernized with modular kitchen equipment by adopting the modernized cooking ranges, trolleys, vessels and dining tables. Around 1000 staffs including office staff, catering Supervisors, cooks, cleaners and contract workers etc., are in the service of devotees visiting Tirumala in providing the free Annaprasadam to the them everyday.

Opening and Closing Timings of Annadanam in Tirumala : 5 am – 3:30 pm & 5 pm – 10:30 pm

  • Free and unlimited food offered to all the Pilgrims at Anna Prasadam Center.
  • It is at a Walk able distance from Tirumala Main Temple. Anna Prasadam Center is next to Sri Varahaswamy Temple
  • Quality of the Food is well maintained and cooking here is done using Solar Electricity.

Click here for Map Location of Anna Prasadam Center

Option 2: Restaurants in Tirumala

There are some restaurants in Tirumala, which follow good food quality and hygienic environment. Of Course other than road side eateries any hotel  restaurant can be preferred in Tirumala, as pilgrims dont have much options. But no food will be served in Guest houses and one has to depend only on hotels.

List of Some Hotels in Tirumala




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