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Tirumala Temple Pushpayagam Annual Festival

Tirumala Temple Pushpayagam

Pushpayagam is an very important annual festival which is performed in Tirumala Temple in the Karthika Month (October / November). Generally, this festival is performed immediately after the Annual Tirumala Brahmostsavams on the asterism of Sravana Nakshatram which also happens to be the birth star of Lord Venkateswara.

Pushpayagam is performed to Lord Malayappa Swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi. Generally, devotees are not allowed to participate in Pushpayagam and the participation is strictly limited to VIP’s and other recommendation based pilgrims.

Pushpayagam 2018 Date and Timings

For the year of 2018, the Pushpayagam is performed on 14 November 2018, Wednesday and will be performed between 1 PM to 5 PM after all the daily rituals.

Tirumala Temple Pushpayagam Procedure

The Pushpayagam is performed to save the earth from calamities like Earth quakes, Cyclones, Epidemics etc.  Ankurarpanam is done prior to the Pushpayagam. On this day, the utsava idols of Lord Malayappa Swamy along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi are brought to Sampangi Mandapam and placed on a Golden Platform.

After offering Tirumanjanam to the utsava idols worship is done to them with lot of varieties of flowers like lilly, Mogalis and many more varieties. The Idols are showered with tonnes of flowers. After completion of the Pushpayagam, the deities are took as an procession in the Mada streets for the Darshan of devotees.




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