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Venkateswara Swamy Garuda Rock Formation Shape on Tirupati Hills

Venkateswara Swamy Gardua Cliff Rock Formation Shape on Tirupati Hills

Tirumala hills is considered as an home of many mysteries and spiritual secrets. There are many rock formations in Tirumala which has thousand years of history and also a deep meaning and connection to Lord Sri Venkateswara. The most famous of all the Rock Formations in Tirumala, is a rock formation which has formed on the last and seventh hill in Tirumala. This rock formation, which can be seen from very far, will be exactly look like Garuda, who is the vahana of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

In the recent year, the rock formation has bagged much more familiarity and has become very famous among the pilgrims. The rock formation can be viewed from the Ghat roads of Tirumala, while coming down from Tirumala. The formation looks exactly in the pose of Lord Garuda standing and holding his palms together in the position of Namaskara.

Location of  Gardura Rock Formation Shape Cliff

The location of the Garuda Rock formation can be seen directly from the Ghat roads and while coming down from the Tirumala hills. One has to look towards the west side to the Tirumla hills and can view the rock formation in day time. To locate the exact location location of the rock formation one has to locate the wind mill which is located on the last hill of Tirumala and rock formation can be seen just below the wind mill.

To view the exact rock formation you have reach the Tirumala down Ghat Road and reach the Tirupati View Point. Once you reach the Tirupati view point on your west side you can locate the Garuda Cliff Formation as shown in the below images.

Click Here Map Link to Reach the Tirupati View Point 

Gardura Rock Formation Cliff



Please note the cliff formation can be seen only distance and no one is allowed to near the cliff and prohibited. The cliff formation is only visible in day time only.



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