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Tirumala Ghat Road Guidelines Timings

Tirumala Ghat Road Guidelines

Reach Tirumala by Driving Distance from Alipiri Tirupati (Tirumala Uproad)

To reach Tirumala by driving one can drive from Tirupati and has to reach Tirumala through a Ghat road. There are two different ghat roads. One ghat road is from Tirupati to Tirumala and the another ghat road is for return to Tirupati. Both ghat roads are double lane type, follow different paths along the hills. The Ghat road start from Alipiri and one has to go through the security check and Toll gate near Alipiri. The road to Tirumala from here is completely a ghat road which looks like climbing the hill.

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Entry Point: Alipiri

Distance from Tirupati to Tirumala Road: 17.80 Kilometres

Time taken to Travel in Ghat Road: Should not be less than 40 Minutes

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To travel from Tirupati to Tirumala, the vehicle will be provided with a token near the toll gate at Alipiri with the time of start or entry in to the ghat road. The same token will be collected at the entrance of tirumala once the drive is completed. The token will be having the entry time, in which case, if the drive is less than the specified time, then the driver /vehicle is penalized for speed driving.

Timings of Tirumala Ghat Road / Toll Gate

The tirumala ghat roads are completely operated under the authority of TTD. So, the ghat road will be operated only in certain timings in a day, to ensure the safety of the pilgrims who are travelling to tirumala in own vehicles. The timings of the Tirumala Ghat roads are as below.

Entry  / Opening Timings of the Ghat Road: 3.00 AM

Closing Time of Ghat Road: 12.00 AM

Tirumala to Tirupati Ghat Road (Tirumala Down road)

Entry Point: GNC Tollgate

Distance from Tirmala to Tirupati: 18.00 Kilometres.

Time taken to Travel in Ghat Road: Should not be less than 40 Minutes

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Tirumala Ghat Road Guidelines

  • Pilgrims are not allowed drive fast and reach the destinations before specified time, which will results in fines and penalties.
  • Pilgrims are not allowed to overtake the vehicles at bends and narrow roads.
  • Stopping vehicles at any points on the ghat roads are completely banned.
  • Vehicles should not be overloaded than specified capacity  at any cost.
  • Banned items are not allowed to carry in vehicles




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