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Tirumala Pushkarini Tank Guide

Tirumala Swami Temple Pushkarini Tank

Tirumala Swamivari Pushkarini is the most sacred places next to the Swami Temple in Tirumala. The Pushkarini holds a history equal to the temple and dates back to the Lord Venkatwara coming to Tirumala and becoming Kaliyuga Daivam here. It is said that, Lord Venkateswara took bath in this Pushkarini and a dip in this pushkarini is considered as the most auspicious and equal to the dip in the River Ganges. The Pushkarini is said to be the pleasant pond for the Gods and Goddesses and is said to be equal to Pala Samudram of Lord Maha Vishnu.

The origin of the Pushkarini remains a mystery and there are lot more mysteries around the pushkarini. The Pushkarini is the most sacred spot in Tirumla and it is must for a pilgrim to bath in the Pushkarini before going to the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. It is beloved that the Pushkarini relieves the pilgrims who bath in it from all the sins and one dip here creates an amazing bliss and experience. The Chakrasnanam, Teppotsavam festivals of Lord Sri Venkateawara is conducted in the Pushkarini every year.

Timings of Tirumala Pushkarini

The Pushkarini is Tirumala is opened 24 hours for the convenience of all the pilgrims reaching tirumala and also for taking bath before going to Darshan. The Water in the pushkarni right now, is continuously recycled 24 hours and is chlorinated for the safety and health of the pilgrims. It is highly suggested to take a dip in Brahma Muhurtham.

Location of Tirumala Pushkarini

The Tirumala Pushkarini has only one entrance behind the Varaha Swami Temple in Tirumala. Just on the right hand side of the Varaha Swami temple one can see a way going inside to behind the temple. You can each to the Pushkarini from this way.

For the Entrance of Tirumala Pushkarini Click Here

Amenities of Tirumala Pushkarini

Tirumala Pushakarini is equipped with washrooms and changing rooms for Gents and ladies separately. However, there are no separate bathing places for gents and ladies. The bath in Pushkarini is allowed from only on side near the Varaha Swamy temple and pilgrims are not allowed to bath on the remaining sides.

Dont’s in the Tirumla Pushkarani

  • Pilgrims are not allowed to use soaps, shampoos and washing clothes in the Pushkarini
  • Pilgrims are not allowed to swim or dive in to Pushkarini
  • Children are not allowed to dip alone in the Pushkarini
  • Any type of Poojas or rituals are completely banned near the Pushkaraini



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