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Tirumala Tirupati TTD Free Bus Dharmaradham Complete Guide

Tirumala Tirupati TTD Free Bus Guide

TTD runs free buses both in Tirumala and Tirupati for the facility of pilgrims free of cost.  The buses are named as “Dharmaradham”, which picks up pilgrims and drops them at popular stops and destination in both Tirumala and Tirupati. These buses runs in a circuit route and is completely free. Pilgrims need not pay anything to use the bus facility. The TTD free bus Dharmaradham will look like as below

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TTD Free Bus Schedule, Timings, Route Map in Tirupati

In Tirupati, the TTD free bus starts at 4 AM exactly before Tirupati Railway station. There are two buses which runs frequently for every 30-40 minutes covering all the Popular destinations for the pilgrims. The cost if completely free and Pilgrims can board the bus at any stop and can get down at stop. Below are the stops of TTD free buses which runs in Tirupati. Once a free bus starts from Railway Stations it passes through all the stops and to the last stop and vice versa and reaches Railway Station and starts again.

TTD Free Bus Tirupati Stops Route Map

  1. Tirupati Railway Station / Madhavam / Vishnu Nivasam
  2. Tirupati Bus Stand
  3. Srinivasam
  4. Kapila Theertham
  5. Alipiri
  6. Tirupati Science Center
  7. Tirupati SV Zoological Park
  8. Srinivasa Mangapuram
  9. Srivari Mettu (Last Stop)

TTD Free Bus Schedule, Timings, Route Map in Tirumala

Along with running free bus services in Tirupati, TTD also runs free bus services in Tirumala as well. There are 12–14 free buses in Tirumala, which runs for every 3-4 minutes in Tirumala. These free buses helps pilgrims to transit inside Tirumala.

TTD Free Bus Tirumala Stops Route Map

In Tirumala, the Free buses almost runs 20 hours and the GNC area can be considered as the first stop and below are the stops of Free Buses in Tirumala, through which buses travel in circuitry manner. In between stops, the free buses covers many stops which includes many mutts and temples.

  1. GNC
  2. HVC
  3. Annamaiah Bhavan
  4. Padmavathi Enquiry Office
  5. Ashwini Hospital
  6. RTC Bus Stand
  7. CRO Office
  8. Saptagiri circle
  9. SMC
  10. Vaikuntam -1
  11. MBC
  12. JEO Camp Office
  13. S.V Canteen
  14. Narayanagiri Cottages
  15. Museum
  16. Vaikuntam -2 (for Sarva Darshan)
  17. Karnataka Bhavan
  18. Varahaswamy Guest house
  19. Rambageecha Guest house
  20. S.V Shopping Complexes
  21. Main Annadana Satram
  22. Main Kalyanakatta

Once the above stops are completed the Free buses again start from the first stops. Please donot use free buses for unnecessary roaming and reasons.



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