Tirumala TTD Govinda Koti VIP Darshan Procedure Booking Online

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Govinda Koti VIP Darshan Procedure Booking Online, Govinda Nama Koti Tirumala TTD VIP Darshan Submission

Tirumala temple is not only a temple but also one of the largest spiritual centres for Hinduism. For years, the TTD which is the governing authority of the Tirumala temple has been striving for the Propagation of Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. In an amazing laudable move, the TTD has taken the decision to propagate the Hindu dharma among the youth. As per this, the TTD has introduced a new scheme for the pilgrims to get the VIP Darshan. The pilgrims now can get the VIP Darshan in Tirumala for the Lord Venkateswara after writing the Govinda Koti similar to the Rama Koti which the pilgrims will be writing with their own hands. TTD authorities should definitely be praised for such an amazing move and decision.

Tirumala TTD Govinda Koti VIP Darshan Procedure Booking Online

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  • The details about the Tirumala Temple TTD Govinda Koti VIP Darshan are yet to be released. We will update the details and also the procedure of the booking to this Darshan once the TTD updates the details.
  • The scheme is still in formulation and will be introduced to the pilgrims as soon as possible. But as of now, we can estimate some details and also the procedure of the Booking for this Govind Koti VIP Darshan.
  • As per the TTD reports, pilgrims who are below 25 years of age are eligible for this program. The pilgrims who write the Govinda Koti with their own hands can reach TTD once the Govinda Koti is completed.
  • If the pilgrims are able to complete the Govinda Koti, then VIP Darshan in Tirumala is provided for the pilgrims who have written the Govinda Koti and their family members.
  • This decision is taken to make sure the Youth are brought up as per Hinduism and also the Sanatana Dharma. The procedure of the Submission and also booking for the VIP Darshan is yet to be decided.

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35 Responses

  1. Yerni Lohitha Chalumuri says:

    Can I order the Govinda Koti book online?

  2. Kiran says:

    Hi how to write 1 crore namalu
    Which application ( paper )
    How I got

  3. Gayathri says:

    Us there any book to write govinda koti

  4. Ayushman says:

    Interested please provide the procedure

  5. Surya says:

    Should we write 1cr times or 10 lakh 1116 times

  6. Rakshith says:

    I’m from tamil nadu , chennai i’m willing to write govinda koti and i’m 16 years old once I complete writing can I inform it to ttd devasthanam branch in chennai or it is must to inform ttd in tirupati – andra pradesh

  7. Bhavitha Goshike says:

    If we write for one about one year and then age also gradually increases ! Then can we are eligible for darshan

    I mean to say 1 crore takes approx 1 year of time and age also increases
    So are we allowd

  8. Samskruthi says:

    Do we write on papers or books will be provided and is writing it in English fine and Govinda Koti is writing Govinda only right ?

  9. Nikhita says:

    Govinda koti naamam ala rayali telugu lo, I mean incase of Rama Koti we will be writing as Shri Rama, so what shall we write in Govinda koti?

  10. Vangmai says:

    How can we get those books sir

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Hello, Details will be added soon from TTD. Thanks

      • Pl let me know whether this darshan under govinda koti will be extended to devotees above 25 years. I am 58 years old and an ardent devotee of lord balaji. Pl extend this to all irrespective of age. For sure it will bring divine thoughts whoever is writing govindha namakaranam. Pl.consider our request

  11. Sunitha mahesh says:

    People above 25 years are not eligible to write this book

  12. Bhavyashree. J S says:

    Govinda koti Namam I write , if any book send from TTD temple

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