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Tirumala TTD Mobile Locker Baggage Deposit Counters

Tirumala TTD Mobile Phone Locker

For all the pilgrims who are visiting Tirumala temple are requested to follow some rules and regulations which are laid by TTD for the Safety of the pilgrims and the temple. Pilgrims are not allowed to carry any type of electronic items in to temple due to high security reasons. The electronic items which are prohibited from carrying in to Tirumala temple are Mobile Phones, Accessories of Mobile Phones like ear phones, portable chargers, Cameras, Camera lens, Fitbands and any other electronic items.

Is Mobile Phone allowed in tirumala temple?

No. Mobile Phones, accessories or any type of electronic gadgets are not allowed in to Tirumala temple.

Is Purse / wallets is allowed in tirumala temple?

Yes. Purse / wallets is allowed in tirumala temple if it dont have any prohibitory items.

Is Handbags allowed in tirumala?

Yes. Handbags is allowed in tirumala temple if it dont have any prohibitory items.

There will be security checking before entering in to temple. If the pilgrims are caught carrying electronic items, the items will be seized and it is a very big process for the pilgrims to get back the electronic items back. Sometimes, pilgrims cannot retrieve back the items and the items which are not claimed by the pilgrims will be auctioned through a different process.

Due to this reason, pilgrims who are planning to Darshan to Tirupati Balaji temples needs to deposit their electronic items at the Depositing counters which are maintained by TTD for Free and can go to Darshan. The items can be collected after the Darshan from the Collection Centers.

Location of  Free Mobile Phone Lockers

Please note all the electronic gadgets has to be deposited at these mobile lockers and a token will be provided. After the Darshan if you provide the token at the Collection Centers your items will be returned back

  1. If your Reporting Place is Vaikuntam Que Complex I or II, then you can deposit your mobile phones and electronic gadgets at the Luggage deposit counter which is right opposite to the VQC I. Once you deposit the items a receipt will be issued which has to be provided during the delivery of items.
  2. Rs. 300 Special Darshan, Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan pilgrims can deposit all their belongings at the Luggage deposit counters near the reporting points of these Darshan. The Luggage collection center is available at the Sarva Darshan Entrance.

Mobile Phone Delivery Center

All the Mobile Phones and luggage which are deposited at the Collection Centers can be retrieved from the delivery center which located at PAC IV which is the Old Annadanam building. Wherever, you have deposited your Luggage before going to Darshan, the items will be transferred to the Common delivery center and pilgrims can get their luggage back at these counter. While taking the luggage delivery abck, pilgrims need to submit the Receipt which has been issued at the time depositing the luggage.

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  1. i forget collect my luggage in laggage delivery centre in tiruala and misplaced my couter slip please suggest how to collect my laggage


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