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Tirumala TTD Seva Lucky Electronic Dip Dates 2021

TTD Seva Lucky Electronic Dip

Tirumala temple Darshan is very important for many lakhs of pilgrims. But pilgrims who wants to visit Tirupati Balaji temple somtimes dont get chance to participate in many of Srivari Seva. For most of the Tirumala Seva, the waiting list is so long and may take many years. For this purpose the Tirumala temple board has introduced the new system of Seva Lucky Electronic Dip. Know the dates for the Tirumala TTD Seva Lucky Electronic Dip Dates 2021.

Tirumala TTD Seva Lucky Electronic Dip Dates 2021

In the Seva Lucky DIP system, the selection process take online. On a particular date in a month TTD will open the Lucky DIP system. pilgrims who are interested has to login to TTD Seva website and has to enter their details. Pilgrims has to select the seva they want to partcipate in. Once pilgrims selects the seva they want to participate in and enter the the details. Their details will be registered. Please note, pilgrims need not to pay any amount to the TTD at this point.

    • The Seva lucky DIP process will closed in 2 days after it has been opened. After two days, the online system selects random pilgrims for different seva as per the pilgrims selection. Once pilgrims get selected to the Seva, they will be intimated through the SMS to the mobile number to which they have provided during the registration.
    • Once pilgrims receives the notification of selection to the lucky DIP pilgrims has to make sure to finish the payment within 24 hours of receiving the SMS. Once pilgrims finishes the payment for this process, the participation of the pilgrim in the seva will be confirmed. Please note, the participation will be confirmed only after the completion of the payment.

  • Once the payment is confirmed pilgrims can take the printout the confirmation along with the ID proof can participate in the Seva which has been allotted to them on the allotted date.
  • Please note, the seva will released and will be selected for the next one month only. Pilgrims has to provide their details accurately during the process of registration as the details cannot be changed later on at any cost. Only one ticket will be allotted in one person ID on the website.
  • For the year 2021, pilgrims has to keep an eye on the below dates for the lucky DIP to take place in Tirumala. Please note, these dates might change due to COVID or any other new rules and regulations introduced by the Temple authorities.
Month Release Date Seva Availability
January 2021 7th Yes
February 2021 7th Yes
March 2021 7th Yes
April 2021 7th Yes
May 2021 7th Yes
June 2021 7th Yes
July 2021 7th Yes
August 2021 7th Yes
September 2021 7th Yes
October 2021 7th Yes
November 2021 7th Yes
December 2021 7th Yes

To Register and Participate in Tirumala TTD Seva Lucky Electronic Dip 2021 Click Here

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