Tirumala Vehicle Restrictions Old Vehicles Rules Timings Limitation

Know the details about the Tirumala Vehicle Restrictions Old Vehicles Rules Timings Limitation, TTD Vehicles Rules Old Vehicles Allowed or Not

Tirumala temple has two ghat roads for the pilgrims to reach the temple. one Ghat road is the up road which the pilgrims will be using for travelling to the temple from Tirupati. The other road is the down road which the pilgrims use to reach Tirupati city after coming to the Tirumala temple. The pilgrims may need to use the Ghat roads differently for up and down. Also, there are many dangerous bends in these Ghat roads which the pilgrims have to take care of. The TTD has made all the arrangements for the pilgrims to go to the Tirumala temple and finish Darshan and come back safely.

However, there are many accidents and mishaps happening on the Ghat road for the pilgrims and also for the vehicles. The TTD introduced many rules and regulations for Vehicles and drivers to avoid accidents. Even then most of the drivers use rash driving and also over taking on the Ghat roads which is very dangerous.

Tirumala Vehicle Restrictions Old Vehicles Rules Timings Limitation

  • For this purpose, to avoid accidents in the Tirumala Ghat road, the TTD has introduced Vehicle Eligibility Test for the Ghat road.
  • Based on this test, the authorities will not allow Old vehicles to travel on the Ghat roads to Tirumala. This means the Vehicles which are older than 10 years are not allowed to travel to Tirumala.
  • The vehicle will be checked at the Alipiri Toll Gate and if the Vehicle is more than 10 years old, then the pilgrims may need to find an alternative mode of Transportation to the temple.
  • The pilgrims also may need to make sure, they follow the timings limits for the vehicles which are imposed while travelling up and down of the Ghat roads.

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