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Tirumala VIP Break Darshan Online Booking Timings Price

Know the latest details about the TTD Tirumala Tirumala VIP Break Darshan Online Booking Timings Price Update, How to get ttd vip break darshan tickets online booking Tirumala

Tirumala has one more type of Darshan which is very famous and also very difficult to get tickets in the VIP Break Darshan tickets. VIP Break Darshan is being preferred by more number of pilgrims with growing of ticket numbers. The VIP break Darshan is generally allowed during the break of the regular Darshan types like Sarva Darshanam and Divya Darshanam. VIP break Darshan is the more fastest mode of Darshan in Tirumala, but during heavy crowd season, this Darshan also takes up to 3-4 hours. Also, usually during high peak crowd season, TTD will be cancelling the break Darshan to facilitate more pilgrims to have Darshan.

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Tirumala VIP Break Darshan Online Booking Timings Price

Latest Information: Right Now, TTD has removed L1, L2 and L3 Darshan types. VIP Darshan through Srivani Donations is available. Contact TTD Offical website for more information. Below information is not for the Tirumala VIP Darshan and not suggested.

Timings of VIP Break Darshan: 6 AM Daily (Saturday and Sundays will be usually more crowded and only people with high recommendation letter will be considered).

Waiting Time of Break Darshan: Generally 2-3 hours based on crowd including waiting time.

Ticket Cost: Rs. 500 per person.

Booking of VIP Break Darshan in Tirumala:

VIP Break Darshan in divided in to 3 types of Layers based on the importance of Pilgrims. They are L1, L2 and L3 layers.

Generally, L1 layers will be allotted mostly to VVIP officials like Judges, High Cadre Political leaders and also prominent people representing the Government.

VIP Break Darshan L1 Details:

L1 Darshan will be allowed first to visit the Lord and usually it takes 40-45 minutes for Darshan and the line movement will be very slow. The Officials who visit in this Darshan will allowed to stand in front of the idol for some time and will be offered theertham and Harathi.

VIP Break Darshan L2 Details:

L2 Type VIP break Darshan is assigned for TTD Employees, their family members and also next level of officials and Government representatives. For L2 Harathi is offered and generally Darshan will take 45-50 minutes. The line will be smooth without any pulling or pushing. TTD employees who wants to visit in this type of Darshan should have their ID card with their family members photos printed in the back.

VIP Break Darshan L3 Details:

This type of VIP break Darshan is mostly crowded. Any type of officials or recommendation letters who dont fall under L1 and L2 type of Darshan falls in this Category. This type of Darshan is generally allowed based on Recommendation letters.

VIP Break Darshan L3 Recommendation Letters Details Procedure

  • The recommendation can be from MLA, MP’s, Ministers and high cadre official addressing to The Executive office or JEO Office of TTD clearly stating that the letter is a recommendation of VIP break Darshan
  • Along with the letter, one should produce Photo ID, Finger Print and a mobile number
  • Letter received before 12 PM on any day will be processed for the Darshan next day.
  • If the letter is considered and a Darshan is allotted then the Pilgrim will receive a confirmation SMS to the mobile number provided on the same day evening.
  • After getting the SMS, the SMS and Photo ID has to be displayed at MBC 34 after which tickets will allotted through the bio metric system.
  • There will be no transfer, postponement or cancellation of the Darshan once the Darshan is allotted

Tiruamala VIP Break Darshan Dress Code:

Only Traditional Indian Dress code is allowed.

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  1. On July 17th L1,L2,L3 is dharshan is available or any programs on that day , would you pls tell ….some people that day all seva’s are cancelled….so pls tell is there any problem on tha day

  2. Sir we are having the TTD board members letter for our break darshan in which our adhar no Name everything perfectly matched. But the mentioned phone number is blocked. At present we are unable to get SMS to show. But our ID proofs and letter is perfectly present to show in counter.. Please suggest the wày …

  3. Hi

    I need letter format I will get MP letter for VIP break darshnam. Please provide the letter format and submission guidelines


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