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Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam Online Booking

Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam is one of the most requested seva by the pilgrims. Know more about the Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam Online Booking as below

Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam Online Booking

Pilgrims can book for the Abhishekam is two ways. One way is to book for the abhishekam at the temple counter before day or else any day before the date of abhishekam. Pilgrims can pay at the temple counter and can receive the token for the abhishekam. If pilgrims want to book for the abhishekam online, they can get the details from the below link.

Click Here to Know more on Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam Online Booking 

Tiruvannamalai Abhishekam Timings

The abhishekam in the temple are of various types and also the timings also differ. Pilgrims can book for the abhishekam which they want to attend and also when they want to attend. All the required items of the abhishekam will be provided by the temple itself. Pilgrims can get any items which will be accepted in the temple. Any pooja items required for the abhishekam can be provided to the lord during the abhishekam. The items for the pooja will be accepted inside the temple itself.

Pilgrims can know more about the abhishekam and also the timings as below

Pooja Details
Opening Time
Arunachalwswar Abishekam (Palabhishekam)
₹ 1000
6.30 am 9.00 pm
Arunachalwswar Special Abishekam (All days)
₹ 2500
6.30 am 9.00 pm
Lord Ganesh Abishekam (All days)
₹ 3000
Pancha moorthigal Abishekam (Vinayagar, Arunachaleswar, Amman, Subramanyam swamy and Chandikeswarar) (All days)
₹ 4500
8.30 AM 10.30 AM
Parivara Moorthi Milk Abishekam (Each Sannadhi) (All days)
₹ 1000
6.30 AM,8.30 AM 10.30 AM
Thiru kalyana Utsavam Special Abishekam Pooja (All days)
₹ 8500
1008 SanguPooja Special Abishekam (All days)
₹ 10000
Mahanyasam Abhishekam with Special Pooja (All days)
₹ 5000
Annadanam (for 100 persons for one day) (All days)

Pilgrims can book for the Abhishekam based on the above details and can book accordingly.




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