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Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina Timings

Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina which is also known as Girivalam in Arunachalam is the most important activity in Tiruvannamalai. Know more details on Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina Timings as below

Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina Timings

The Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina is open for 24 hours. But the best timings would be Morning 04.30 AM – 08.30 AM or evening 9 PM Onwards.

Because as Tiruvannamalai is very hot place during summers, pilgrims prefers early hours or late hours for the Girivalam. The Girivalam which is also known as Giri Pradakshina means, pilgrims will be walking around the Arunachalam hill for one time or multiple times.

Tiruvannamalai Giri Pradakshina Route

The Route generally starts from Arunachaleswar temple in Tiruvannamalai and ends at the same place. The Grivalam route is marked by the authorities with the facilities like Drinking water, Walking path and Shades. Sometimes, donors will be doing annadanam during the peak season of the Girivalam or during the festival times.

  • There is no particular registration or booking for the Giri Pradakshina
  • But pilgrims will be limited during the Pournami and also during the important festivals in Tiruvannamalai.
  • Pilgrims will be visiting number of temples during the walk
  • The average time taken for the whole Girivalam is 4 hours. It depends on person to person. Some people do the Girivalam thrice at the same time as well.
  • The total distance of the Girivalam is 14 kms. Pilgrims will be walking the whole path. Most of the path is the Chengam Highway road only.
  • Pilgrims plans to have Darshan of the Arunachaleswar after the Girivalam. But most of the pilgrims leaves after doing the Girivalam because the mountain of Aunachaleswar is itself the Lord.
  • Pilgrims need not to book for Girivalam well before and its always available as public access.
  • Its highly suggested to avoid the Giri pradakshina during the mid day hours as the the climate in Tiruvannamalai is very dry and hot

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