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Tiruvannamalai Arudra Darshan 2023 Dates Timings Online Book

Know the latest details about the Tiruvannamalai Arudra Darshan 2023 Dates Timings Online Book, Tiruvannamalai Arudra Darshan Pooja Schedule

Tiruvannamalai temple is one of the important temples which will be celebrating the Arudra Darshan in a grand manner. Generally, the Arudra Darshan festival occurs in the month of January every year. This is a yearly once festival. The pilgrims will bethronging the Tiruvannamalai temple for the Arudra Darshan. The temple will be making the Arudra Darshan arrangements for the pilgrims. As the Arudra Darshan festival falls on a full moon day the pilgrims will be allowed for the Girivalam as well on this day. But like the other Girivalam days, the town will be full of pilgrims on this day.

So the pilgrims should be prepared for a huge crowd on this day. The pilgrims can go for the Darshan in the temple and can also go for the Girivalam. The temple will be doing a procession in the evening for the Lord.

Tiruvannamalai Arudra Darshan 2023 Dates Timings Online Book

The date of the Tiruvannamalai Arudra Darshan for the year 2023 is on 06 January 2023.

  • The pilgrims can come to the Tiruvannamalai temple on this day for the Arudra Darshan
  • The Arudra Darshan is the full moon day on which the Arudra Star falls. This is a very important occurrence as per astrology. So all the Shiva temples will be doing the Special pooja on this day
  • The Shiva temples especially with the Nataraja form will be doing the festival in a grand manner. The pilgrims will be thronging the Shiva temple on this day for the Darshan
  • The pilgrims can do the arudra darshan of Shiva in the form of the Lord Nataraja
  • As this is a full moon day, the pilgrims can go to the Tiruvannamalai temple and can also go to the Girivalam as well. However, the pilgrims have to expect a huge crowd and also waiting times for the Darshna
  • There will be no online booking facility as of now for the Arudra Darshan

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