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Tiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking

Tiruvannamalai is one of the most visited temple in Tamilandu. This temple is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. The major season for this temple is from the Months of July to February. Pilgrims who wants to stay can book Tiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking in the city. Follow below instructions for book for the accommodation in Tiruvannamalai which is provided by the temple.

Tiruvannamalai Temple Accommodation Online Booking

During the peak seasons pilgrims will be provided accommodation in Sakthi Vilasa Mandapam, Choultries, Vedic Schools etc. and also Unnamulai Amman Rest House. The pilgrims can book accommodation which is provided at the temple for nominal cost only. However, there are many private accommodations, hotels and also homestay in Tiruvannamalai.

Most of the pilgrims who visit the temple will choose the private accommodation in hotels or home stays. Out of the above specified options pilgrims mostly book for the accommodation at Unnamulai Amman Rest House only. The prices of the choultries and rest houses of the accommodation provided for the pilgrims in Tiruvannamalai is as below.* The rent for the rest houses is Rs. 400 and Rs. 300 per day.

  • The Rent of the Rest Houses at is Rs. 250 per day.
  • Rooms at Unnamulai Amman Rest House is Rs.250 (Double room) and Rs.100 (Single room) / day.

For remaining choultries and satrams the rent will be ranging from Rs. 200 – Rs. 600 per day. But however, pilgrims choose the private accommodation like hotels during peak season as most of these rest houses will be booked soon early. To book for the Accomodation Provided by the temple Online Click Here

Most people ask for better facilities which is not available in these rest houses. So they end up in booking the hotels in Tiruvannamalai town. However, there is a lot of demand for these accommodation facilities as well in Tiruvannamalai.




  1. Dear sir
    We need accomodation at arunachalam from 29/08/2023 to 31/08/2023 for girivalam

    Online link it not working , please provide alternate contact number for offline booking


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