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TTD Recommendation Letter Process

TTD Recommendation Letter Process for below details about the Darshan and accommodation allotment for the Tirumala temple. Many pilgrims who visit the Tirumala temple get the recommendation letter from the VIPs to get the Darshan tickets and also to book the rooms. Sometimes, the TTD authorities will honor the letter and sometimes the authorities will not be honoring the letters if the crowd is more in the temple.

The Process of the recommendation letter is based on Darshan booking or else room booking is fairly simple. But honoring the letters depends on many factors. Like who is recommending and checking the authenticity of the Letters. Below is the procedure for the recommendation letters based on Darshan in Tirumala and Tirupati temples.

TTD Recommendation Letter Process

For the TTD Recommendation Letter Process pilgrims need to follow the below instructions before taking the letters for the Darshan or else for the room booking. Also, the recommendation letter will not be honored if it doesn’t fit into the regulation of the TTD. The rules and regulation around this procedure is unclear and solely depends on the authorities in the TTD.

  • The pilgrims first need to get a recommendation letter from the VIP on their letterheads. The recommendation letters will be accepted only from the People representatives above MLA and also the recommendation letters from state-level officers. The more top people providing the letters the better the chances of getting the Darshan.
  • The pilgrims have to take the letter to the JEO Camp office in Tirumala. The letter should specify the date of the Darshan, the Number of people, and also the remaining details about the pilgrims. The Letter should be written on the official letterhead of the official.
  • The letter can also be taken to the MBC 34 office in Tirumala for further proceedings. From here the officials will be taking the procedure-based rule position on that particular day.

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  1. Does all people mentioned in the recommendation letter has to go to the JEO office or only the head of the family is sufficient?

  2. Namo Venkatesaya. Is Padmasri awardee eligible to issue recommendation letter for VIP Break Darsan? If so, how to register his name in ttd office.

  3. At what time recommendation letter will accept? and Darshan will get on the same day after submitting the recommendation letter?

  4. Hi, Suppose in recommendation letter the name and aadhar card number are correct, But the surname(initial typo) is different from aadhar card number , is it acceptable in JEO office. Thanks in advance.


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