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TTD Tirumala 50 Rs Darshan Tickets Online Booking Availability Chart

TTD Tirumala 50 Rs Darshan Tickets

TTD always provides more Darshan options for pilgrims to make sure pilgrims visits Lord as comfortable as possible reducing the time of waiting by the pilgrims and also making the Darshan as smooth as possible. To achieve this, TTD introduces various types of Darshan booking and seva for pilgrims to book and have Darshan easily. Rs. 50 tickets which is also called ad Sudarshanam tickets is also one among them.

Rs. 50 tickets was previously called as Sudarshanam tickets and a wrist band use to be tied to pilgrims to have Darshan. Right now, the wrist band is replaced with Bio metric slips which is generated through thumb impressions of the pilgrims and also time of Darshan

TTD Tirumala 50 Rs Darshan Tickets Online Booking

Rs. 50 tickets right now are very tough to get and there will be only 5000 tickets which is allotted every day. Most of the pilgrims dont choice this Darshan because it is not available online to Book. If some one has to book Rs. 50 Darshan they can book only through the TTD seva counters or e-darshan counters. The e-darshan counters are available are available in almost all major cities from 6 AM and in Tirupati and Tirupati. Currently, Rs. 50 Darshan tickets are not available to book through TTD Online Website.

TTD Tirumala 50 Rs Darshan tickets Availability Chart

TTD releases quota for any particular day 60 days in advance. Pilgrims can book for the Rs. 50 tickets from the TTD counters. Once pilgrims book the tickets they will be given a slot to to report at the Vaikuntam 1 compex 1. Once pilgrims report at the VQC 1 they will be allowed for Darshan based on the crowd.

Update: As of now, TTD has stopped providing Rs. 50 and Sudarshanam tickets. Only Special Darshan tickets is available for pilgrims to book.



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