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TTD Tirumala Darshan Tickets For Children Minimum Age

The below details will brief about the TTD Tirumala Darshan Tickets For Children of Minimum Age. Many pilgrims will be planning to visit Tirumala for Darshan with the Children. There are certain rules for the Children who visit Tirumala for Darshan,

To facilitate the parents carrying the Children to Tirumala, the Tirumala temple authorities have laid down some rules and regulations for the same. Many pilgrims will be visiting the temple of Tirumala without knowing these rules. The pilgrims have to follow the rules which is laid specifically for children before going to the temple. In fact, the pilgrims should note down the rules before booking the tickets online or offline.

TTD Tirumala Darshan Tickets For Children Minimum Age

  • The Minimum age of any child to get a ticket is 12 years as dictated by the TTD authorities. This means the children who are above 12 years age need to buy the ticket for Darshan.
  • The children who are below the 12 years of age need not buy the ticket and will be allowed for Darshan along with the parents for free,
  • There are special darshan quota and special darshan facilities for the children who want to take Darshan with the children who are below 1 year of age and this Darshan is called as the Infant Entry Darshan
  • The pilgrims need to carry the ID card of the children which will have the age proof

Frequently asked Questions Tirumala Child Darshan

What is the maximum age for the Children to buy the ticket for the Tirumala?

The Children who are above 12 years should get the tickets for Darshan.

Should the Children carry the ID proof for Darshan?

Yes, the Children have to carry the ID proof for Darshan

What is the age for then Infant Entry Darshan?

The maximum age for the Special quota Infant Entry Darshan to Tirumala is 1 year old

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  1. Hi…Sir..we have MLA Sifars Letter For august 28th( Total 6 Members) my Chaild DOb Is August 20th 2012. Can we take my chaild with us on august 28 darshan

  2. Hi, I am planning to take VIP break darshan by donating 10000 each. Do I have to make donation for my kids ages 8 and 5 years? Or will they allow with me and my wife by paying 20000 donation. Thanks in advance.

  3. We didn’t carry original ID for my kids have only Xerox copies and original birth certificates. Is my kids allowed for darshan?

  4. hi my self having a angapradhakshinam ticktes for me and my husband but we have 2 kids one 11 year and 7 years old. it possible to take my childrens to dharshan plz suggest i am so confussed

  5. How can i book my ticket online

    I have 3 kids ages are 4 yrs ,5 yrs , and3 yrs can I buy ticket for all or they can allowed with out ticket also .,

    Plz give me link


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