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TTD Tirumala Free Darshan Online Booking Availability

TTD Tirumala Free Darshan Online Booking Availability can be checked by following the below information. Please note, there are lot of changes in TTD Sarva Darshan which is also known as Tirumala Free Darshana. Pilgrims has to follow the rules and regulations to get the Tirumala Free Darshan tickets online.

TTD Tirumala Free Darshan

Tirumala has many types of Darshan. One of the most famous Darshan and also one of the most used Darshan is Tirumala Free Darhsan. The free darshan in tirumala is also called as Sarva Darshan. It is free and pilgrims can go the Darshan with just taking the token. Incase pilgrims as unable to book any Darshan and want to visit Tirumala they can choose the free darshan. Compared to other Darshan types free darshan has long waiting times,

Free Darshan pilgrims once receiving the tokens has to visit the waiting centers which is compartments. Then pilgrims will be sent to Darshan by priority and also reporting time basis. In peak times, free darshan is tirumala takes at least 12-18 hours. In less crowd times it takes atleast 4-8 hours.

Tirumala Free Darshan Online Booking Availability

Tirumala Free Darshan can be booked from the TTD official website. Click Here to Book for the Tirumala Sarva Darshan.

Once pilgrims login to the website. Pilgrims can select the available dates and times for the Sarva Darshan. Pilgrims can select the slots for their Darshan. This slotted times are the reporting times for the pilgrims. Pilgrims has to report to the temple at these timings only. Once pilgrims enter their details on the website, they can book for the tickets. These tickets are valid for only the dates and timings selected for the Darshan.

Pilgrims has to report to the temple on these dates with the print out of the Darshan ticket and also the documents. Once the process is finished pilgrims can proceed to the Darshan.

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