TTD Tirumala Rooms Accommodation Allotment LIVE Status

Know the latest news about the TTD Tirumala Rooms Accommodation Allotment LIVE Status, Tirupati Rooms Booking LIVE Status Online Today

For the benefit of the pilgrims, the Tirumala temple provides accommodation in Tirumala. For this purpose, the Tirumala temple has built many Guest Houses in Tirumala and Tirupati. The pilgrims can stay anywhere in both places. the pilgrims have to book Accommodation in the Guest houses online. This is the reason the temple will be releasing the Accommodation quota every 3 months. This means the pilgrims can book accommodation in Tirumala for 3 months.

The Tirumala temple will be releasing the room quota online on the Tirumala website. For the dates, after 3 months the room quota will be released this month. So the pilgrims have to plan the Tirumala trip well before itself. The pilgrims have to log in to the TTD website and book their Accommodation. The rooms will be available in thousands per day. The pilgrims will be able to book the rooms based on the pricing only. The pilgrims cannot select the guest house in which they want the rooms. The rooms will be allocated based on the availability on the day of the arrival

TTD Tirumala Rooms Accommodation Allotment LIVE Status

  • The LIVE status of the Accommodation in Tirumala cannot be predicted. The Tirumala temple will release more than half of the rooms online for booking
  • The remaining rooms will be held back for the pilgrims who come to Tirumala without any booking. For the benefit of the pilgrims, the rooms will be allocated. But this is first come first serve
  • One cannot guarantee the rooms in Tirumala without any booking. The crowd will be too much sometime. The pilgrims if they arrive in Tirumala without any Accommodation booking can approach the CRO office for the rooms booking
  • If the rooms are available the pilgrims can book the rooms and will allot lively

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