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TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets Online Booking

TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets Online Booking

Tirumala is the most visited temple in India which sees thousands of pilgrims per day. Most of the people prefer better Darshan experience without any hassle or crowd. There are many types of Darshan in Tirumala. But best of all them is the VIP Darshan which TTD Provides. Previously, there are use to be Darshan types like L1, L2 and L3. But right now all those types of Darshan types are cancelled and new VIP Darshan types are introduced in Tirumala.

How to get TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets

To get the VIP Darshan one can follow many types of procedure. Recommendation letters from VIP’s are accepted right now. Also, if normal pilgrims want to do VIP Darshan then they can do donation to the Srivani Trust and can get the VIP Darshan Privilege in Tirumala.

For full details of VIP Darshan through Donation Clock Here

Apart from that, VIP’s can approach JEO Camp office in Tirumala with their details and can get VIP Darshan. VIP Darshan will be early in the morning from 5 AM – 7 AM and can change based on daily poojas or special occasions. Pilgrims who qualified for VIP Darshan will be sent to the temple from the Supadam Entrance and will be taken directly in to the temple. At the Grabhagudi, pilgrims will be provided with Harathi and Theertham along with the Darshan of Lord Sri Venkatewara.

For more details of the VIP Darshan Click Here

For Recommendation Letter VIP Darsha Click Here

How to get TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets Online

For now, TTD donot have the facility of Booking the VIP tickets Online or through any other mode except the above stated mode of Booking VIP Darshan to Tirumala. For any clarifications or queries, pilgrims can contact the TTD Customer care or helpline numbers.




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