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Tumburu Theertham Tirumala 2023 Dates Opening

Tumburu Theertham Tirumala 2023 Dates Opening as below is the latest information of the same. Tumburu Theertham in Tirumala is a waterfalls that lies in the interior forest of the Seshachalam. This theertham is the above of Lord Tumbura and hence the name. The Tumburu Theertham has to be reached through trekking for 13 km from Tirumala. So a pilgrim who wants to visit the Tumburu Theertham has to streak for a total of 26 km approximately up and down. This trekking starts from the dam of Papavinasanam and ends at the Tumburu Theertham which lies in the interior part of the Tirumala hills

Tumburu Theertham Tirumala 2023 Dates Opening

As the theertham lies in the very deep forest the TTD will be allowing the pilgrims only once in a year to visit the theertham. In one day, the pilgrims has to go and come back. However, TTD will provide two days total for the pilgrims to finish the trekking. Please note, the trekking to the Tumburu Theertham is very tough and there will be no proper way and pilgrims has to definitely go through the hills, forest and also deep jungle of Seshachalam. TTD will not make any arrangement of the Trek except some basic arrangements like water and other basic resources.

Apart from that pilgrims has to make sure they carry their only arrangements like food and safety. For the year 2023, the dates of the Tumburu Theertham is as below

2023 Tumburu Theertham Date in Tirumala is April 5 – 6, 2023

For more details of the Tumburu Theertham Click Here

  • Pilgrims need to carry enough food as there will be no food arrangements at the theertham
  • Trekking in shoes is best option as the way will not be good enough
  • Please note, if you have any health ailments it is suggested to not to go for the theetham. The pilgrims should be in complete health to finish the trekking
  • All the trekking amenities should be carried like Torch lights and etc.



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