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Tumburu Theertham Tirumala Complete Guide

Tumburu Theertham Tirumala Complete Guide

Transport Mode: Walk and Trek

Trek Distance: 12 kms (One way)

Trek Difficulty level: Moderate

Time for trek: 8 hours appoximate

Tumburu Theertham is one of the 108 theerthas, which is said to exist in Tirumala hills. The thumburu theertham is opened only on one day day in the year (on Chaithra Poonima). For remaining  of the year, the theertham is closed and not allowed to civilians. The thumburu has a long history which dates back to vedic ages and there are many stories around the theertham. It is said a great fortune and time follows who takes a dip in the thumburu theethan water. Please note the below points before you plan to visit thumburu theertham.

Points to note, before visiting Thumburu theertham:

  • Thumburu theertham lies 16 kilometres from Papa Vinasanam dam and can be reached by only complete trekking. There is no transport to reach Thumburu theertham except walk and trek.
  • Old people, Pregnant ladies and people who cant trek are not suggested to visit this place.
  • The Theertham is opened for just one day in a year, so dont try to visit in the remaining days.
  • You need to carry adequate water bottles and food before you visit the places. We dont have any facilities, medical emergencies and a place to stay on the way to theertham.
  • The trek will continue through the dense forest and climbing rocks are involved.
  • Please dont trust middle men for this visit. TTD will make arrangement like water, ropes etc to assist people but to a very minimum level.
  • Thumburu theertham is most visited theertham, which drags a huge crowd.
  • It is suggested to call TTD Customer care before hand and confirm the date and allowance.

Dates of Tumburu Theertham

2023 Dates: 07 March 2023

How to Reach Thumburu Theertham:

To reach thumburu theertham, you need reach Papavinasanam Dam and only on this day the dam gates will be opened and people will be let cross the dam to the other side and start to climb the mountain. From this point you need to follow people for directions and has to be be in a group while you start walk and trek.  Click Here to know how to Reach Papavinasanam.

What you can Visit in Thumburu Theertham:

Thumburu theertham is a wonder of nature and also his highness. You will travel in between two valleys through which water has flowed for millions of years and has caused a huge erosion. You will reach a small water falls and small tanks where you can see the complete nature beauty. The real “Bangaru Balli” is said to live here, which is in general cannot be spotted in general. You will see a small idol of Lord Thumbura here.




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