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Nagalapuram Waterfalls (Saddhikoodu Madugu) Banned

17th July 2024: As of now, and per the press release, due to many mysterious deaths and accidents surrounding the Nagalapuram Falls, which is locally referred as “Saddhikoodu Madugu”, all trekking,  camping, hiking and visits to the falls is completely Banned. The local authorities and police has not granted permissions to any person for organizing such activities. Anyone trespassing these rules will be heavily fined as well prosecuted under law.

Nagalapuram Waterfalls Trekking and Camping

Naglapuram waterfalls, has seen a huge rise of trekking and camping from the Software and IT professionals from Chennai and Bangalore due to its existence with in a drivable distance from both the metro cities. Taking advantage of the weekend stress relief of professionals, many unauthorized organizers have come up organizing many camping and trekking activities in this area. Even though, there are many past incidents in this area, the organizers never cared for life of the trekkers and has illegally trespassed the reserved forest along with trekkers. Last week, the police has detailed a group of 20 trekkers from Bangalore and Chennai along with the organizer.

The trekkers who are not aware of the local situations blindly followed the organizers who led them much more troubles and even fatal incidents.

nagalapuram waterfalls trekking 2

nagalapuram waterfalls trekking 2

Safety of Nagalapuram Waterfalls

Locals say the waterfalls and forest itself is home for some Black Magic activities, due to which many fatal incidents are happening in the location. The water pools has many underwater whirlpools which drags people to the under water leading to deaths. Due to this reasons, officials in the region has put up many boards and also watch camps to forbid trekkers entering in to the forest. But due to the organizers finding more routes in to the forest, it has become difficult for the officials to track all the routers leading in to forest. Some local people are misguiding the youth and taking them into the water bodies for petty cash.

The police has put up a fence to prevent tourists from entering the waterfalls and also erected danger signboards and winded up local people and organizers in Chennai and Bangalore to avoid any further mishaps. The local police has decided to proceed legally on all the organizers who are organizing treks in this areas.

Nagalapuram Falls Situation as of now

The Police has informed to all local people to keep a watch on people who enters forest. And also, police teams has been dispatched to Chennai and Bangalore to windup organizers. As of now, the local authorities has not granted permission to any organizer or individuals to hike in to the falls and also to water falls, Any further trespass in this area and to water will be completely banned and the people involved in this activities will be detained and will be prosecuted as of now.



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